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Health Insurance Information

Hassle-Free Insurance Coverage

The Bryn Mawr Urology division of Academic Urology is pleased that it participates in nearly all of the common insurance companies and their specific policies.

Even so, you will still be responsible for any co-pay, deductible, and referral obligations that come with your policy or your employer’s policy.

We know that today’s times are most difficult in health care and many patients are involved in restructuring of their insurance.

Expert Assistance with Insurance

Please don’t hesitate to ask our expert staff about your coverage.  We are happy to help with any understanding or explanation.

For the rare company that does not participate with Academic Urology we are happy to make the necessary arrangements to minimize any burden to you.

Your Health Comes First

Since each situation is different, please ask us about your specific coverage if you have any doubt. We do this on a daily basis.  Our primary concern is your health.  We do not want your insurance coverage restrictions to stand in your way.  We will help to sort that out.